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Martelli Snap Caddy

Learn about the handy Snap Caddy and its many uses for quilting and crafting.

This blog is meant to highlight the features and possible uses for the snap caddy.

by Martelli Notions • August 31, 2020

Need extra tabletop space? Tired of the clutter on your quilting station or craft area? Martelli has the product for you. The Martelli snap caddy has compartments for various objects and supplies. It clips onto your tabletop solving the clutter and space problem. This blog is meant to highlight the features and possible uses for the snap caddy.


  • Empty circular hole meant for drinks/cups
  • A shallow dish for holding pins or other small easily displaceable objects
  • A large compartment for big objects
  • An optional divider to split that large compartment in half

How It Works

The snap caddy has a very large and sturdy metal clip that grips the table. It’s like a very strong chip clip. You decide where you want to place the caddy, open the clip, and close it onto the table locking it in place until you decide to remove it. To remove the caddy simply press on each side of the clip again to open it.


The snap caddy compartments can be used however you like but here are some ideas.

The small dish:

Great for little objects like pins, threat, thimbles or anything else that can easily be lost.

The drink holder:

While it’s pictured on the website as holding a drink you can use this to hold other objects like a hot glue gun or small fabric bundles

The large compartment:

This can be kept as one large compartment or divided into two compartments with the included divider. This compartment is great for holding quilting accessories like the Martelli ergo tweezers, rotary cutter, or precision scissors.

The possibilities are endless. Whether you, a friend, or a family member is an artist, a quilter, or a seamstress this is a great gift. Never misplace a tool or clutter your workspace again. The snap caddy is available on our website and Amazon. Here’s a video of the snap caddy in action.