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Martelli Innovations: Zip Bind Tool

Learn about the innovative zip bind tool.

This blog will detail how to use the zip bind tool and how it can make binding easier.

by Martelli Notions • September 04, 2020

There’s nothing more frustrating than binding your quilt only to find you have been sewing an uneven line. The Martelli zip bind tool makes it easy to both hold your fabric in place while you sew and get an even bind all the way around. This blog will detail how to use the zip bind tool and how it can make binding easier.

Materials The Zip Bind Tool Is Made From

The adjustable piece that holds the binding is made from plastic. While the rest of the tool is made from thin metal with a rubber grip where you pinch the clips. The screw is also made of metal to be durable and withstand many uses.

How To Use It

The zip bind tool has an adjustable screw on top that allows you to set your range for your binding allowance. The first step is to set that measurement, then clip the tool onto the quilt with the binding allowance perfectly in the groove you set with the screw. The lock line will keep your binding in the set allowance you created. All there is left to do is sew by hand or machine moving the zip bind tool down the quilt as you go.


Never sew your binding crooked again. Since the zip bind tool stays in place with your binding perfectly tucked in the space allotted your binding will always remain straight.

The tool is so simple to use even a child could use it.

Buy a zip bind tool for yourself or a fellow quilter on our website or Amazon. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for tutorials like this one on how to use the zip bind tool. If you’re looking for more quilting inspiration we do daily Facebook live sessions where we offer exclusive deals. Happy quilting!