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Martelli No-Slip Templates

Benefits and instructions for how to use Martelli no-slip rulers.

Learn the differences between regular rulers and Martelli no-slip rulers and how to use them.

by Martelli Notions • July 27, 2020

Never miscut a piece of quilting fabric again because of templates sliding around. With the Martelli no-slip templates you can hold up to 32 pieces of fabric in place while you cut. The vacuum seal holds the fabric down while you make your accurate cuts.

Traditional Quilting Pattern Materials

Other quilting templates on the market are made with materials like acrylic or plastic. These are templates that slip when cutting causing inaccurate designs. Some quilters choose to use household materials like freezer paper and cardboard to create their templates. While these may be cost-effective options they are not the accurate pieces you need. They have soft edges that can crease or wear after many cuts are made around the design. This will throw off your pattern measurements and thus your whole quilt.

Martelli No-Slip Templates Versus The Competition

A product that claims to help templates stay in place is a pack of small adhesive circles that stick to both the quilting pattern and fabric. According to buyers of this product, they don’t stay in place for very long if at all.

There is one other product that claims to help your templates grip to your fabric. They are strips of material that adhere to your template and help them stay in place when you’re cutting. This is along the lines of what Martelli’s product does but like the last product it falls short. Not only is it expensive, for six strips of the gripping material it’s $9.99, but for someone who uses multiple quilting templates, this is not cost-effective. In addition to its price, the product wears out over time.

There isn’t anything on the market that compares to the Martelli’s vacuum seal, no-slip templates. The templates are laser cut for accuracy and even account for seam placement. They’re guaranteed to last. When you factor in cost-per-use and the quality you receive from this product it seems like a no brainer. Martelli’s sells no-slip templates in various sizes and shapes.

Cut quickly and accurately with the Martelli no slip templates.

Pair the no-slip templates with the no-slip ruler and Martelli rotary cutter for the easiest and most accurate quilting experience.

To browse our selection of templates visit our website or shop our products on Amazon. If you would like to see our no-slip templates in action watch this video.