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Martelli Rotary Cutter: Instructions and Benefits

How to use the Martelli rotary cutter and the innovations made with this rotary cutter

In this blog, we will discuss how to hold and use as well as the benefits of using the Martelli rotary cutter versus a normal rotary cutter.

by Martelli Notions • August 03, 2020

Quilting is a skill that takes a steady hand…or at least it used to. Martelli has reimagined the rotary cutter with an innovative, ergonomic design that allows anyone to get clean cuts with minimal effort. It also has an inventive, easy spring-loaded blade cover to keep you safe. In this blog, we will discuss how to hold and use as well as the benefits of using the Martelli rotary cutter versus a normal rotary cutter that hasn’t been reworked since its debut in 1947.

How To Hold The Martelli Rotary Cutter:

  1. Place your hand over the top of the rotary cutter
  2. Grasp the handle with your pointer finger resting on top of the covered blade
  3. Rest your thumb underneath your pointer finger
  4. Make sure you are holding the rotary cutter so that it’s most effective by lining up your knuckles with the handle
  5. Practice opening and closing the protective blade cover a few times

*Your fingers should be far enough that the blade cover never interacts with your fingers

How To Close The Blade Cover

  1. When holding the rotary cutter extend your middle finger to hit the red spring-loaded blade lever
  2. The blade cover will close ensuring the blade is not exposed

Cutting Technique

The rotary cutter and the Martelli ruler are a great duo. Most rulers slide around the table while someone is cutting this is not only dangerous but damages your blade. The Matelli ruler is made to lock to any quilting mat to prevent sliding.

When cutting the ruler should be placed in alignment with the outside hip of the hand you’re cutting with. (Yes, Martelli makes rotary cutters for lefties as well!)

The rotary cutter should then be placed flush along the ruler and you’re ready to make your cut. If you followed the directions for how to hold the rotary cutter you will get a super straight clean cut.

Unlike other blades, your Martelli rotary cutter will not veer off at the end of your cut.

What Differentiates The Martelli Rotary Cutter

The whole quilting experience will feel better with the Martelli rotary cutter. First, the design is made to fit with your hand instead of making you put your hand in unstable and uncomfortable positions. When your hand is placed on top of the rotary cutter it takes all the pressure off the points that are normally strained with a traditional rotary cutter. The pressure you have to apply to the Martelli rotary cutter is extremely minimal. This makes it the perfect invention for those with shaky or arthritis prone hands.

Traditional rotary cutters make you place your ruler in the middle of your body so you can apply great force to hold the ruler steady. When you do this it makes you also bring your cutting hand to the middle of your body causing most people to slightly angle their blade. This is not only ineffective since most traditional rotary cutters must be completely straight to make a clean cut, but it also causes quilters to veer from cutting straight lines. This is not only frustrating but a waste of fabric. With the Martelli rotary cutter, you’re assured a completely clean cut free of knicks, a more comfortable user experience, and you can use the rotary cutter for other cutting and crafting purposes.

With proper use, your Martelli rotary cutter blade will last twice the lifespan of a conventional rotary cutter. With already a million rotary cutters sold and many rave reviews we assure you that you’ll love this innovative new way of cutting your quilting pieces.

Check out this video of the Martelli rotary cutter in action and purchase one on our website or Amazon.