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Essentials For Beginning Quilters

Learn what supplies you need to get started and what patterns are easiest for beginners.

This blog will discuss easy quilt patterns and supplies beginners will need to get started making beautiful, unique quilts.

by Martelli Notions • August 28, 2020

Starting a new hobby can be daunting and expensive, but quilting doesn’t have to be. This blog will discuss easy quilt patterns and supplies beginners will need to get started making beautiful, unique quilts.


Quilting shouldn’t require you to spend a small fortune. Before you run to your local quilt shop or browse online quilt shops, read this list of the beginners quilting supplies.

Sewing Machine

This may be something you already have in the house. While expert sewing machines can literally sew for you that’s not necessary when starting out. A quality beginner’s sewing machine costs around $150-$200. This will be the biggest investment you make in your quilting purchases.

Fabric & Batting

While this and some other items in this list may seem obvious they’re included to give you a full idea of what you will need. The fabric is the metaphorical bread of the quilt while the batting is the sandwich contents that are hidden between the bread.

The type of fabric you choose is up to you but most quilters use medium weight, sturdy 100% cotton fabric. A quilt store is a great resource to get advice on fabrics and other quilting supplies.

Batting is again a choice you can make at your own discretion. Most quilters use 100% organic cotton batting. After washing the quilt will have that crinkled textured look. It also won’t shrink which is ideal for the longevity of your quilts.

Rotary Cutter & Cutting Mat

An easy to use rotary cutter will make a huge difference when cutting your pattern pieces. While most quilters use a traditional rotary cutter Martelli has reinvented the rotary cutter to ergonomically rest beneath your hand for efficient, easy, and straight cuts. A 45 mm blade is the recommended size used by most quilters.

Your cutting mat is an important part of the cutting process. You don’t want to damage the surface of whatever table your cutting on which is the purpose for the mat. Any mat you buy should be self-healing, meaning it won’t show cuts that were made upon it. They come with helpful measurements printed on the map so a ruler isn’t always necessary for measuring.


While a ruler may not always be needed for measuring, it is a recommended tool when cutting straight lines. Most rulers slip and slide, but Martelli has made a no-slip ruler that makes cutting a breeze, especially when paired with the ergonomic rotary cutter.

Fabric Shears

Fabric shears are made especially for cutting clean lines in fabric. They should only be used for that purpose. Kitchen scissors will not give you the smooth cuts you’re looking for.

Machine Needles & Thread

Your needle should be changed after every project for the best results. So keep a few packs on hand.

Seam Ripper (Sew Mate)

The sew mate is a Martelli exclusive product. It’s a quilting/sewing tool all in one. It acts as a seam ripper, ironing tool, and sewing tool. You can use this product worry-free because the seam ripper will effectively tear seams without ripping your fabric. This tool is also great when ironing to keep your fingers away from the iron and steam. Use it to push, pull, and feed fabric when sewing or ironing.

Iron & Ironing Board

To get the best quilt you will need neat, flat quilting pieces. This will ensure your pieces get matched together and sewn flawlessly. The best iron to have is one with a sharp point to ensure you can iron very close to seams.

Quilting Pins

Quilting pins are essential for holding your quilting pieces together while sewing. You want to find very sharp thin pins for this.

Basting Pins

When you’re ready to piece the three quilt layers together you will need basting pins to hold everything in place while you sew the layers. Basting pins are great for this because they’re sturdy, curved safety pins that easily go in and come out of quilt layers.

Marking Utensil

Oftentimes you will need to mark your fabric to guide your cutting or stitching. Martelli has created a quilt marking pencil that comes with multiple colors to mark your fabric. It’s water-soluble and very affordable.

Quilt Patterns Beginners Should Try

The easiest pattern to start quilting with will have squares. The shape in itself is easy to cut and sew since they are straight lines and even on all sides. It will be much harder to make a mistake when sewing a quilt like this.

Here is a square pattern quilt with a bit more flair. It’s still beginner-friendly due to the fact that the seams don’t need to be perfect. Even new quilters can finish this quilt in about one to two days.

Triangle patterns are also beginner-friendly since like squares they are even on all sides and can be sewn using only straight lines.

Everyone has to start somewhere! Gather your supplies and start quilting today. Martelli provides unique and innovative quilting products to make quilting easier. Start your new hobby with the right quilting supplies. Visit our website and browse our products or visit our store and teaching center in Pensacola, Florida. Our staff would love to help you along your quilting journey.