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Our Team

John Martelli

John invented the products that Martelli Notions sell and is a creative genius, but John likes to do things when he wants to do them, which isn’t always in line with the business. John is a soft-spoken gentleman and preacher, he loves the Lord and his family.

Marsha Martelli

Marsha is reserved and quieter than the rest of her family, but she’s the boss and what she says goes!!! She rules with a quiet hand.

Valarie Webster

Valarie is referred to as the “Pitbull” and has a very strong personality; she will fight to the death to protect her family and business. She laughs as loud as she yells and has no problem telling you what she thinks about anything.

David Martelli

David is the youngest sibling of the Martelli family. He and Valarie are very much alike (NOT) so they clash at times. David is a huge jokester with an even bigger heart. He is very competitive with his dad, especially in golf.

Stephanie Price

“Steph” is way more reserved than the rest of the family, she is the most like Marsha. She is easily embarrassed and is way more serious than her sister. She’s kind of a perfectionist and a little OCD about things, but like Val she would do anything for her family

Jessica Quinn

They call Jessica “Little Valarie” and you will hear Valarie yell “Jessica” about a hundred times in a work day. Jessica is more outgoing than her older sister, but any emotion Jess has is automatically expressed on her face. No poker face with this girl.