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Martelli Sewing & Quilting Education Center Introduction

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Welcome to our website!

We hope you will visit our new retail store location soon. Please make it a point to drop in and see us. This new venture is not just about more space, though we all welcome it. It’s about expanding our store to allow us to offer more opportunities to learn and grow and just have plain old fun. Can anyone say classrooms? We have some of the most talented educators right here in Pensacola. And I have had several of them come to us and wanting to teach classes, but our space was limited. Now with the new building we can take advantage of their skills in classrooms everyone can enjoy. This will give you the opportunity to learn from them and at the same time enjoy the camaraderie with other like-minded quilters. ...For ten years we have had a little local store at Martelli’s manufacturing site. We had just enough room to run into each other, but we had a lot of activity in this little space. We have met some of the most kind and wonderful people who have turned into loyal customers. And we hope that we have serviced you well over the years and are here to continue that service and friendship at the new location. We want all of you to come grow with us and help us expand our horizons. We want our retail shop to be buzzing with lots of activity. We want the sewing and quilting industry to continue to grow from our generation to generations to come. The only way we can accomplish this is with all your input. Our vision is to get the young and old, the beginners and the accomplished to work together in this community to carry on the tradition of our mothers and grandmothers who passed it on to us. It will depend on us as a community to make sure that the tradition of sewing and quilting stays alive. We welcome you to join us as we embark on a new phase in our “new” local retail operation center. Additionally, we want you to visit our website often because it too will be buzzing with activity. Exciting things are in the works. So, stay tuned. PLEASE LOOK OVER OUR SITE. New additions will be coming over the next few weeks, as we develop the site to reflect our new vision and new location.

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