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Dachshund Template Set (small)
    Dachshund Template Set (small)
    Purchase Dachshund Template Set (small)
    • SKU: DACH-TS-04
      Dachshund Template Set (small)

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    Optional Presents (Not included with templates)

    -Cut one 4" square, one 5" square and one 5.5" square. Cut each square in half. Cut 1" strips for ribbon. Sew a 1" strip to one half of a present then sew the ohter half of the present to the other side of the 1" strip so you create a present. Cut two pieces, for each present, into a wedge shape to mae a bow on each present.


    Iron on fabric Wonder Under. Cut dachshund out. Iron dachshund on to backgroundfabric. Sew around dachshund edges to permanetly affix to fabric. Quilt as you like