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The Martelli Cutting System

Rotary Cutter
The only truly ergonomic rotary cutter on the market . . .
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Replacement Blades
Made from tungsten steel, our blades are strong, durable, and keeps a finely honed edge. And they are very competitively priced.
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Our straight rulers and strip rulers feature our exclusive no-slip backing that never slips, never loses your cut line.
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No-Slip Templates
Our templates come in many shapes and sizes and also feature our no-slip backing.
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Cutting Mats
Double-sided with contrasting colors, our self-healing mats are durable and temperature safe.
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Work Stations
Our heavy-duty work stations are height-adjustable and built for strength and durability.
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The Martelli Zip Bind System

Zip Bind System
Our binding system gives professional results. There is nothing else out there like this!
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Zip Bind Tool
This tool is the core of the binding system, allowing you to create precision bindings. Available separately or with the entire system.
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Zip Guns and Replacement Clips
Developed for our binding system these innovative tools have captured the imagination of our customers. There is no end to their uses.
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Minute Miters
Perfectly mitered corners are not a pipe dream–now they are a reality! Also available separately.
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Martelli Work Stations & Cutting Tables

Premier Work Station
This compact model has the same sturdy construction and materials as our larger models, in a more manageable size.
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Advantage Work Station
The Advantage is a little larger with some nifty built in features.
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Elite Work Station
Our Elite model has the largest work surface and features an extra-large cutting mat.


MB-4 Work Station
This model is built especially for Janome’s MB-4 embroidery machine. We can customize work stations for other machines, too! Give us a call.
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Martelli Longarm Quilting Machine

Longarm Quilting Machine
Our longarm features an exclusive, patented overhead rail suspension system that allows the sewing head to glide effortlessy over the sewing surface.
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Other Bestsellers

Free Motion Quilting GrippeRings
Our GrippeRings feature sturdy construction and our exclusive no-slip backing, making these tools a must-have for free motion quilters.
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Kwik-Spin Thread Dispenser
Put an end to twisting, tangling, and tension with our innovative thread dispenser.
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CurveMaster Presser Foot
Our CurveMaster removes the obstacles to curved piecing.
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Round Cutting Mat
Popular by itself or as part of our RoundAbout set, this cutting mat is made from the same durable materials as our regular cutting mats.
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Pin Point Tweezers
Recently re-engineered for improved performance, our tweezers allow precise manipulation of fabric and thread.
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Stitch-in-the-Ditch Presser Foot
Our presser foot makes stitching in the ditch easy and accurate.
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