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With each reatreat purchase you will receive a special thank you gift put together by Stephanie Price! Colors of fabric may vary in the projects*
Quirky Quilter Retreat (Virtual)
    Quirky Quilter Retreat (Virtual)
    Purchase Quirky Quilter Retreat (Virtual)
    • SKU: QQR-0321
      Quirky Quilter Retreat (Virtual)

    • $599.99

      Unfortunately at this time the Quirky Quilter Retreat is sold out. If you would like to call our office we can put you on a waiting list if we receive any cancellations. thank you!

    Retreat Dates: March 25-27 2021

    Retreat Projects


    1.     Ultimate Hanging Organizer

    This organizer is the perfect way to store your favorite Martelli Templates & Rulers!


    1. Sewing Goddess Fabric

    2. Backing Fabric

    3. Batting

    4. Vinyl

    5. 1"x16" & 2.5"x16" rulers

    5. Snap Tool

    6. Limited Number Of Snaps

    7. Seam Allowance Ruler ½”-3/4

    8. Written Directions


    1. Cutting Mat

    2. Rotary Cutter

    3. Sewing Machine

    4. Regular Sewing Foot

    5. Free Motion Foot

    6. Walking Foot (optional)

    7. Serger or Sewing Machine with    

        Zig Zag Capability

    8. Iron, Pressing Mat, Starch

    9. Basic Sewing Supplies


    2.     Chalupa Bag

    A cute, quick little ‘taco’ zipper bag to hold your Martelli cutter, blades, tools or what nots!


    1. 2 Fat Quarters

    2. Batting

    3. Interfacing

    4. Half Moon Template

    5. 22” Zipper

    6. Glue Stick

    7.   Wide Mouth Clips

    8. Metallic Pen

    9. Chalk pencil

    10. Written Directions


    1. Cutting Mat

    2. Rotary Cutter

    3. Sewing Machine

    4.  Sewing Foot

    5. Serger

    6. Iron, Pressing Mat, Starch

    7. Basic Sewing Supplies

    3.     Hummingbird Panel

    In this class, you’ll learn tricks for creating two fun borders that will work with any panel, quilt or project.


    1. Hummingbird Panel

    2. ¼ Square Fabrics 2/3 yard

    3. ¼ Square Templates

    4. Hourglass Fabrics 1 2/3 yard

    5. Half Square Triangle Templates (3”, 5”, 6”)

    6. Seam Allowance Ruler ½”-3/4

    7. Sashing Fabric – white 1 yard

    7. Written Directions


    1. Cutting Mat

    2. Rotary Cutter

    3. Sewing Machine

    4. ¼” Piecing Foot

    5. Iron, Pressing Mat, Starch

    6. Marking Pencil

    7. Basic Sewing Supplies


    4.     Quilt As You Go (QAYG) Sewing Machine Cover

    QAYG is such a fun, easy quilting technique. Whether you’ve tried it or not, this sewing machine cover is a great project to play around with.


    1. Fusible Foam

    2. Squares Fabric Bundle

    3. Sewing Machine Template

    4. Bosal Splendid Fusible

    5. Seam Allowance Ruler 1/2"-3/4"

    6. Written Directions


    1. Cutting Mat

    2. Rotary Cutter

    3. Sewing Machine

    4. Standard Foot

    5. Walking Foot (optional)

    6. Iron, Pressing Mat, Starch

    7. Marking Pencil

    8. Basic Sewing Supplies

    9. Fabric for Sewing Machine

        Applique (optional)



    5.     Free Motion Quilting 

    (each kit will have either a dog panel or cat panel and one hot air balloon panel

    they will be selected at random*

     OR     and 

    No matter your experience and skill level, we could all benefit from some tips and tricks when free motion quilting. G and Sherri will show you lots on two different styles of machines.



    1. Fabric Squares for Practice

    2. Hot Air Balloon Panel

        plus Backing & Batting

    3. Cat or Dog Panel plus Backing & Batting

    4. Notebook



    1. One to Two Yards of Any Type of Batting for Practice Squares

    2. Cutting Mat

    3. Rotary Cutter

    4. Sewing Machine

    5.  Free Motion Foot

    6. Iron, Pressing Mat, Starch

    8. Basic Sewing Supplies

    9. Drawing Paper, Pencil, Pen  

        or Sharpie Marker

    Basic Sewing Supplies needed by attendee for projects(not provided by Martelli):

    1.   Cutting Mat, Rotary Cutter with new Blade, Extra Blades

    2.   Iron, Pressing Mat, Starch, Pressing Cloth, 505 Basting Spray (Optional)

    3.   Variety of Threads

    4.   Pack of New Needles with new Needle in Machine

    5.   Filled Bobbins

    6.   Several Scissors: Large, Snippets, Precision Scissors

    7.   Marking Tools, Pencil, Pen, Chalk Pencil, Sharpie, Highlighter (Martelli has provided some of these)

    8.   Drawing Paper, Notebook Paper

    9.     One to Two Yards of Any Type of Batting for Practice Squares




    1.   Sewing Machine that does basic sewing, free motion quilting, Zig Zag Stitch

            2.   Standard Sewing Foot, ¼” Piecing Foot, Free Motion Quilting Foot, Walking Foot (optional)

    3.   Serger or Sewing Machine with Zig Zag Capabilities



    Things to Do before Retreat


    1.   Get comfortable with your machine(s). If you haven’t used it/them for a while, do some stitching/serging! 

    2.   Make sure everything is in good working order.

    3.   If you don’t have a serger, make sure you have a plate for your sewing machine that accommodates zig zag stitching.

    4.   Get comfortable with your Martelli Rotary Cutter. 

    5.   Organize your basic sewing supplies so they’re easy to access.

    6.   Gather any additional materials needed.

    7.   Set up a pressing station near your sewing and cutting area.

    8.   Review the notebook, schedule and handouts. 

    9.    After you purchase the retreat join the Quirky Quilter Retreat Facebook Page. We’ll have lots of great activities here as well as instructions for getting the most out of the retreat.

    10.        If you know you won’t have time to participate in all three days of the retreat, decide if you want to work on projects prior to the retreat.



    Things to Do RIGHT before Retreat


    1.   Put a new needle in your machine.

    2.   Put a new full bobbin in your machine.

    3.   Put a new blade in your rotary cutter.

    4.   Gather all of your retreat materials by date and project as well as any additional items that are required.

    5.   Cut your fabrics for the Panel Borders Project according to instructions provided at a later date by Lisa.

    6.   Look for any To Do’s presented on the Quirky Quilter Retreat Facebook Page.

    Retreat Teachers & Educators:

     G Elizondo

    Sherri Still

    Linda Winner

    Lisa Gifford

    Thank you for your interest in attending Our Virtual Quirky Quilter’s Retreat. By registering to attend the Virtual Quirky Quilter’s Retreat, you agree to the following Martelli Enterprise Cancelation & Refund Policy:

    ·         Substitutions among customers are allowed up to 2 weeks before the event date.

    ·         Martelli Enterprises will not be responsible for shipping if you choose to change your reservation 2 weeks before the event. We will, however, help you connect with someone on a waitlist interested in attending the retreat. Martelli Enterprises is not responsible for facilitating or guarantee exchanges of products or funds for substitutions.

    ·         All substitution requests must be processed and approved through the Martelli office at 850-433-1414 or [email protected]. The event organizer, Valarie Webster, must approve all Substitutions. The event organizer will respond to requests within 24 to 48 hours.

    ·         Your Virtual Quirky Quilter’s Retreat ticket does not include transportation, accommodations, or other travel expenses.

    ·         Your Virtual Quirky Quilter’s Retreat purchase will be confirmed upon receipt of payment. You will receive an automated confirmation email upon completion of both registration and payment. You will receive a second email with the information on how to join Facebook Live. You must have a Facebook Account to participate.

    ·         Martelli Enterprises will provide a tentative schedule for the event. However, Martelli Enterprises does not guarantee there will not be changes to the event schedule. We may need to alter the scheduled events, sessions, and teachers and reserve the right to do so without notice.

    ·         We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the event, in which case you will receive a full refund.

    ·         We reserve the right to refuse registration or entry to the event for any reason. If this occurs, a full refund will be offered.

    Martelli Retreat kits are excluded from free shipping. There is a $15 flat rate shipping for retreat kits