Below are our most popular videos, with links to more detailed information, you can find more demos and troubleshooting videos on our channel, MartelliSQE.

You may also visit our educational director at Linda Videos, she has a number of extensive videos about Martelli products like our templates and Zip Bind Stitch in Ditch binding system.

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The Martelli Cutting System

Martelli Rotary Cutter Assembly
Follow these instruction if you need to replace the blade or if you need to assemble/reassemble your rotary cutter.

Rotary Cutter Blade Change
Blade changes can be as quick and easy as Dave does it in this video.

Rotary Cutter Spring Change
Improvements have made this video less frequently requested, but it’s still here for those who need it.

Rotary Cutter Troubleshooting
If you are having trouble with your Martelli ERGO Cutter- watch this short feature on troubleshooting some of the problems you may be experiencing.

T-Square Assembly
Follow these steps to assemble your Martelli T-Square.
Included with LaCresta Advantage and LaCresta Elite Work Stations.

Dave’s Ultimate Quilting Video, Part 1: Rotary Cutter
Dave covers everything you need to know about our ErgoCutter.

Dave’s Ultimate Quilting Video, Part 2: Rulers
Dave with a demo of our no-slip rulers, and other products.

Dave’s Ultimate Quilting Video, Part 3: Templates
Watch the expert demonstrate our incredible no-slip templates.

Dave’s Ultimate Quilting Video, Part 4: Cutting Mats
Dave demonstrates proper technique for a healthy, long-lasting mat.

The Martelli Zip Bind System

Zip Bind System, Part 1
Part 1: 1-The Tools, DVD, and Written Directions, 2-Marking the Foot, 3-The Fences, 4-Prepping your Project, 5-Prepping your Project Binding, 6a-Sewing the Binding on the Front, 6b-Mitering the Corners on the Front, 7-Mitering the Corners on the Back

Zip Bind System, Part 2
Part 2: 7-Mitering the Corners on the Back, 8-Mitering the Corners: No Snouts Allowed!, 9-Adjusting the Zip Bind Tool, 10-Zip Bind Tool Troubleshooting, 11-Hand Binding with the Zip Bind Tool, 12-Stitching in the Ditch

Zip Bind System, Part 3
Part 3: 12-Stitching in the Ditch (cont.), 13-Joining the Bindings on a ‘Real’ Project, 14-Stitching in the Ditch on a ‘Real’ Project

Zip Bind System, Part 4
Part 4: 14-Stitching in the Ditch on a ‘Real’ Project (cont.), 15-Wider Bindings; Narrower Bindings, 16-Projects You Can Make with the Tools

Featured Guest Videos: Christopher Nejman

Metallic Thread Tips For Your Sewing Machine–Christopher Nejman
Great video about a frustrating concern, and Chris includes discussion of our Kwik-Spin Thread Dispenser.

Proper Free Motion Quilting Ergonomics–Christopher Nejman
Valuable and informative demonstration that includes Chris working with our Free Motion Quilting GrippeRings.

The Making Of The Isabella Handbag–Christopher Nejman
Beautiful demonstration of the professional construction of a luxury handbag. Chris is involved is so many interesting things! Check out more of his videos at the links provided here.

Martelli Work Stations & Cutting Tables

Martelli Premier Work Station
The Premier model is conveniently sized, but packed with all of the features of our larger work stations!

Martelli Advantage Work Station
Our Advantage model is a little bigger with some special features thrown in. See details in video.

Martelli Elite Work Station
The Elite is our largest work station, and includes an extra-large cutting mat.

Dave’s Ultimate Quilting Video, Part 5: Work Stations
Dave demonstrates some special features of our work stations, with tips and tricks for using them effectively.

Martelli Longarm Quilting Machine

Martelli Longarm Quilting Machine
Speaking of revolutions, here’s another…our overhead suspension system that make the sewing head glide effortlessly across the sewing area. Watch Dave demonstrate for more info.

Martelli Longarm Quilting Machine: Seated Model
Our seated model combines our powerful longarm machine with a variation of our work station. Height-adjustable with a 4’x4′ surface, this is perfect for free motion quilting with our GripperRings.

Martelli Magnetic Longarm Leaders
Change the way you quilt with these our magnetic longarm leaders. Attach and remove quilts quickly and easily with this revolutionary product.


Other Bestsellers

Martelli Free Motion Quilting GrippeRings
Martelli Free Motion Quilting GrippeRings are a big deal for free-motions quilters. See how they work!

Martelli CurveMaster
The Martelli CurveMaster has changed curved piecing forever. Learn how to handle those dangerous curves!

Martelli Kwik-Spin Thread Dispenser
The Martelli Kwik-Spin Thread Dispenser has solved twisting, tangling, and tension problems with its unique design.

Martelli RoundAbout Turntable Set
Overview of our RoundAbout.

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