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Longarm Quilting Comes Home: The Revolutionary LaCresta

Designed for commercial and industrial use, now offered for the home user

21" throat by 11" height

Martelli Longarm Quilting Machine

Precision CNC construction of machine body; finished with powder-coated paint

Most powerful machine on market; 1-to-2 gear reduction for minimal wear and tear

Step motor allows for fast reaction time, important for stitch regulation, and has punching power three times greater than most other machines

Belt-drive for less maintenance

¾" drive shaft (compared to most other machines with a ¼" drive shaft)

Solid state electronics same components used in industrial machines, built to work without problems for long and productive use

Assembly and installation DVD included



Large 'M' bobbin with custom-fitted hook

Easy needle positioning, up or down

Manual or regulated sewing modes

Stitch regulation up to 35 stiches per inch (6 to 10 spi, needle parks in up position; 10 to 35 spi, needle parks in down position)

2" basting stitch

Patented thread dispenser reduces breakage and tension problems


Guidance and Control

Ergonomic grip handles with two-way positioning

Light/laser controls easy use of pentagraph for projecting quilting patterns


User Interface

Easy-to-read LCD display with variable settings to create the best view for the individual user

Just a few clearly-marked, soft-touch key pads, located directly beneath the display, control of all options for the user

Includes controls for power on/off, needle positioning, and speed (manual) and stitch (regulated)

Also includes controls for sewing mode, lock controls, light and laser controls, and other features



Engineered for easy maintenance

Built-in diagnostics; makes troubleshooting with tech support easy

Plug-and-play parts system makes replacement easy as unplugging a component and slipping in a new one

geoCommercial Grade Wheels and Motorized Leg Lifts

Four-inch wheels allow for easy movement and positioning of frame

Longarm Quilting Machine--Leg Lifts

Wheels lock solidly to keep frame in place

The only machine that offers electric leg lifts--no messy hydraulics--to provide adjustability with quiet and smooth operation

geoLongarm Quilting Machine Brochure

Longarm Quilting Machine Brochure

PLEASE NOTE: This format requires that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have this application, you can download a free copy here.




Our Longarm Frame

The Lacresta frame features sturdily-constructed side-panels, sleekly engineered from high-density/high-impact materials, anchored in position by the overhead rail system and firmly grounded with with commercial grade locking casters; finished with powder-coated paint

This frame system provides the suspension for your machine and the infrastructure for your 'quilting frame'--the rollers and the sewing surface

Longarm Quilting Machine--Side View

High-quality materials, yet light-weight

Quick and easy assembly

Offers easy maintenance options--never go behind the machine

Standard 10' frame; optional 5'6" or 11' frame


Patented Overhead Rail System

Featuring extruded precision beams, allows for ease of operation and reduces stress on the operator, for more time stitching, and less time cleaning lint and lubricant buildup from bulky tracks beneath your work area

Overhead Rail System

The overhead rail system is the secret behind both the suspension and the infrastructure of our machine


More Longarm Frame Details

Sewing surface of 21 inches by 10 feet

Custom frame design and adjustability allows operator to stand or sit; frame is wheelchair accessible; adjustable legs allow for perfect self-leveling on each side

Quick-release, spring-loaded poles for fabric source and uptake rollers make changes easy; extra uptake roller included

Patented infinite adjustment clutch system provides easy adjustment of fabric on the leaders



Customized Longarms

With three sizes to choose from, you can pick the model that best meets you space needs--or talk to us about combining with one of our work tables to create a customized, ultimate work station.

LaCresta Longarm Quilting Machine . . . Fit For You

We have several options available, including an LED pantographs for projecting designs onto the work space.

Because we fabricate and manufacture on the premises, custom and special orders are easy. Contact us at:


for more information.


Demo Video: Martelli Lacresta Longarm Quilting Machine

We invite you to watch the demo below and contact us with questions.



Demo Video: Martelli Lacresta Longarm Quilting Machine--Stationary

The next step in the evolution of our longarm, was to combine our powerful, commercial-grade machine with a workstation and cutting table big enough to handle larger projects. Watch the demo below.



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The quickest way to get in touch or sign up for Redline Direct is with our Contact Form.

Tell us what you think by completing one of our customer surveys to tell us About You.